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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  January 18, 2013 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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families separated. ironically a family spokesperson had mentioned the soriano family earlier in the afternoon while pleading for the release of hi car dough hernandez. >> release him to the family so we can also recover and deal with this issue. >> reporter: in the case of vigilante homicide continues through the court system, both the family of the vigilante, ricardo hernandez, and the alleged car burglar, christopher soriano, have fall en on hard times. >> a letter addressed to ricardo, was sent to his home evicting him, giving this family two weeks to leave their home. >> we have no weapons or nothing. he didn't deserve that. he was shot in the back and i'm the widow of five kids. >> we're homeless now because of this. >> reporter: officers kept a close eye on both families as they left one by one. no one was arrested. as far as hernandez, his court
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appearance or his court date has been scheduled for february 15. he continues to be held on $1 million bail. live in san jose, i'm arturo santiago, nbc bay area news. >> a very emotional charged case. there is yet another development in the domestic violence saga. sheriff mirkarimi is being sued by ivory madison and her husband. madison is the neighbor who videotaped a tearful lopez following a new year's eve confrontation with mirkarimi, a central part of the violence case against the sheriff. the defamation suit claims they falsely accused madison and her husband of conspiracy, practicing law without a license, and lying to police. tonight lopez's attorney told us the suit was disappointing and she thought everyone was ready to move on. it started as a fun and even cute way to communicate with your neighbors, but it's turned into a vital link for a quiet
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menlo park neighborhood under fire. a robbery and police chase shut down several streets and because of the social network, the neighbors knew exactly what was coming in a story you'll see only on nbc bay area, our business and tech reporter scott budman shows us how technology helped calm nerves in a very quiet neighborhood. >> reporter: you're absolutely right, raj. neighbors around this part of town are used to talking but not fighting crime. when police and robbers squared off on these streets, those neighbors got social to stay safe. a neighborhood in chaos. a nearby jewelry store robbed by gunmen who then led police on a chase through the nearby streets. >> and we saw the cop cars going down the street. there were three or four of them down there. >> reporter: even when officers shut down the area where they lived, people here didn't panic. they social networked. >> i sent out a message, police are here and ask you to stay in,
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lock your doors. >> reporter: they stayed in touch via a bay area company called next door, social network for your neighborhood. super helpful at a time like this. >> i happened to be at work and saw the post from salim talking about the lockdown, the police event, and it was great that i could immediately communicate with my nanny to close the doors, lock the doors, close the windows, things like that. >> reporter: people here checked in and message by message the word got out. >> when we started the company, we knew a lot of good things would happen if we could just make it easy for neighbors to communicate with each other. >> reporter: he says close to 20% of messages sent on next door have to do with crime. >> and what we've seen is when neighbors get together, they can actually band together as a virtual neighborhood watch and use technology to make their neighborhood safer. >> reporter: which is what happened here. >> from there until the next
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three and a half hours watched our e-mails and we were updated by all of our neighbors around here who were home and able to get information and even posted pictures even. >> reporter: the suspects were caught and the neighborhood got back to normal with residents feeling a little bit closer. next door has been taking off gradually across the country. the company tells me half a million messages are sent on its site every day. scott budman, nbc bay area news. tonight we have an update on the story we first brought you last night, the story of the woman who police say lied about the attempted kidnapping of her 3-year-old. the woman told police a stranger tried to rip her toddler from her arms earlier this week. the woman may not be charged until next month. the charge, filing a false police report, is only a misdemeanor in california. 27 years of service, and it all ended today. san jose's police chief officially stepped down.
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chris mohr announced early last year he would be retiring on january 18th. mohr leaves behind a beleaguered department and city that experienced one of the most deadly years. larry eskavelle will take over, also a 27-year veteran, but says he is not interested in taking the job full time. also in the south bay a triple murder trial is under way for a silicon valley man. the deadly shooting at the startup company made headlines around the world. police say the suspect was fired on the morning of november 4, 2008, and returned that afternoon with a gun and killed three executives. wu's attorney said he intended to kill himself but experienced a psychotic flashback it appears he suffered in the state of china. they believe wu did not suffer
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from mental illness and it was an act of revenge for being fired. if convicted wu faces life in prison without the possibility of parole. okay. it is a big weekend around these parts. next stop atlanta, georgia. our nbc chopper hovering high above the 49ers charter plane as it prepares to take the team to the npc championship game in georgia. the 49ers and falcons kick off at noon on sunday. the winner goes to the super bowl. >> and they will share the spotlight with the men who ride big waves. mavericks opens 8:00 a.m. sunday morning. one of the biggest weekends for sports junkies in recent memory here in the bay area. jim kozemore has more. hi, jim. >> how are you doing, guys. i'm impressed. that was pretty cool. jim harbaugh having colin kaepernick at quarterback this year. in it last saturday's game against the green bay packers the 49ers' quarterback proved the naysayers were very, very
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wrong. kaepernick 444 yards on offense, 181 of those on the ground, setting the record for most rushing yards by a quarterback in a single game. kaepernick is clearly in phenomenal condition. he says it's not because of his diet. >> never been a big nutrition guy. for me if i work out enough, i feel like i'm going to be all right. >> you still do fast food even in the nfl? >> not so metropolitan mcdonald's anymore but i eat my fast food. >> what's your favorite? >> i eat a lot of five guys right now. >> look at that. they can eat anything. randy moss caught passes for 25 yards and some 30 passes in the regular season. that doesn't mean head coach jim harbaugh won't want his special receiver back next year. >> for official publication i
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want randy to come back. i hope he feels the same way. >> one side note the niners cut cundiff so it will be akers the rest of the way for the 49ers. we'll have more on the 49ers final preparations later on in the show. i found a reason to not like colin kaepernick given that diet. >> and you know what, sales of five guys hamburgers will skyrocket beginning right now. >> i see an endorsement deal in the new season. >> thank you, jim. >> we have a full section about the 49ers object our website, you can take part in 49ers fever by sharing fan photos. the easiest way to shop is by tweeting the pictures to us at nbc bay area or posting them to our facebook wall. i will give my prediction for the score on sunday later in sports. >> the big prediction. just ahead at 6:00, the surprising news out of the uc system. also a major expansion to tell you about. how much facebook plans to spend
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to carve out more space on the peninsula. >> and would you believe a flu vaccine made from insects. the new hope for people suffering from the flu virus. and good evening. i'm jeff ranieri. hazy sunshine for today, but by all accounts really gorgeous outside. 74 in the scotts valley. 67 in the mill valley who could hit 70 degrees tomorrow coming up. ♪
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secondhand smoke affects everyone's health. it's not just irritating. it can cause heart disease and even death. speak up about secondhand smoke. your health and the health of your family depend on it.
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researchers are using bugs to battle the flu bug and people with allergies may be the big winners. a cdc map charting flu activity shows the virus is widespread in all but three states. doctors are urging everyone who hasn't gotten the vaccine yet to get one as soon as possible. nbc bay area's marianne favro is live at the santa clara health department with a closer look at a new egg-free flu vaccine. marianne?
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>> reporter: janelle it is made with insect cells and it was tested in clinical trials. they say it is proved to be as safe and effective as the traditional flu vaccine. 4-year-old sydney of san jose knows all about the flu. she's just getting over it. the flu vaccine may have p prevented her from getting sick, but because sydney is allergic to eggs, that wasn't an option. that could soon change. the food and drug administration just approved a new egg-free flu shot called flubok. it was tested in clinical trials. >> the response is great. they did just as well with this new type of shot as everybody else did with the typical influenza vaccine. >> reporter: it is made by injecting flu genes into an insect virus and growing it in caterpillar cells. itan be made much more quick
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ly than the current time consuming meth ol odd of growing it in chicken eggs. that could mean a big pay off to all americans in the event of a flu epidemic. >> we can produce this in large vats, huge amounts of it, and we don't have to worry about is there going to be enough flu vaccine anymore. >> reporter: for sydney and her mother, it may mean no longer playing a game of chance every flu season. when i heard, i thought that was great. i know in the past she hasn't been able to get the flu shot and some years i've really wanted her to, and with that option available as we move forward, i think that's great. >> reporter: harnessing the power of the bug to fight the flu bug. researchers also say that it looks like it may cause fewer side effects than the traditional flu vaccine. reporting live in san jose, marianne f marianne favro, nbc bay area news. a surprise announcement today from the university of california. the boss is stepping down. uc president mark yudof
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announced he's leaving citing health problems as the reason for his departure. y yudof received an annual base salary 591,000 a year and will receive just under half of that in an annual pension when he retires. he's not leaving the uc system altogether. he says he'll teach law at uc berkeley. the uc system received a record number of freshman applications for the fall term. all nine campuses saw huge numbers. 99,000 from california high school seniors alone. that's an increase of more than 6% compared to last year. out-of-state applications are up nearly 15%. and international students, those applications are up nearly 34%. the california state university system also received record applications to its 23 campuses. the richmond man who killed two people in a broad daylight shooting at the richmond toll plaza tonight is heading for death row. hundreds of people at the san
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rafael bridge saw the murders or heard the gunshots in 2009. he walked up to the toll booth where his ex-girlfriend deborah ross was working and shot her after she begged for mercy. second before he shot her friend waiting to take her home. the judge gave him the death sentence over life in prison after he said he had no remorse and his ex-girlfriend deserved to die because she was unfaithful. icy roads played a big factor in two roll over crashes. take a look at this video. the first crash around 5:45 this morning. despite the incredible amount of damage to the car and truck involved, thankfully no one was seriously hurt. county road workers put sand on the roads to help prevent more accidents. >> facebook and the city of menlo park agreed on a huge deal for the social media company to expand its peninsula headquarters. it's been about a year and a half since facebook moved into the former sun micro systems campus. facebook has said it needs more
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room. now we're learning facebook will pay $1.5 million as part of the deal to build a new west campus across the bayfront expressway. the two campuses will be linked by an underground tunnel. the planning commission will hear the plan on tuesday. the city council will vote in march. the man who already owns an ireland island get? he bought the island of lanai, is getting a small airline to go with it and why not? a hawaiian newspaper says he is finalizing a deal. it's a turboprop carrier which flies five flights a day. the airline is what visitors use to get to the two luxury resorts on his island. he wants the island to be a laboratory for sustainability with solar power, electric cars and organic farms. >> do we have to get permission first? >> larry, we need an invite.
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he actually owns, i think, only 99%. 1% still belongs to the natives, i heard. most is still his. the island is his. it would be nice to get away but it's been so nice here, too. >> we're in the best spot. >> i'm going to stay right where i am. it is just so amazing out here. today i heard so many people talk about how awesome this weather is. we'll have a lot more coming our way this weekend. we do want to 0 start off talking about the mavericks quite a bit, how awesome the waves will be for the surfers. we want to also undercut the point here that there will be a high surf advisory in effect for the entire bay area coastline. if you are thinking this weekend to head out and enjoy some of the sunshine, you want to be extremely cautious if you're thinking of going in the water at all. these dangerous sneaker waves, they sneak up on you. waves that could be as high as 15 to 25 feet up near the coastline and also some long duration swells and even rip currents that could pull you under. that's going to be a spectator, get the spf on and just enjoy
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the sunshine and also the view of the water. today's highs, the low 60s up into santa rosa. 68 in san rafael and some of the warmest weather, i know you can feel the sizzle on the maps in the south bay, 72 in santa cruz. warmest by the coastline. the offshore winds, down sloping heating popping up to our warmest temperature. 67 in santa teresa and cooler to the east bay. let's get you outside to our sky camera network tonight and you'll see the haze being the poor air quality. another spare the day as we head into the first part of your weekend. it is also clear in san francisco right now. we'll add some hazy skies as we head throughout saturday. it's going to be incredible, though, as we look ahead to the next couple of days. we do have some 40s in the north bay. patchy frost and patchy fog 0 likely as we head into tomorrow morning. it's going to be another cold start for the north bay but overall this weekend, it'll be mild and above average by about five to ten degrees with mainly 60s and a few isolated 70s
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coming our way but poor air quality is also going to be in the mix. the worst up into the north and also for the central bay with that spare the air alert in effect. we're going to have more on the full forecast and who could actually hit a few 70 degree temperatures coming up in the full forecast, raj and janelle. a weekend of big waves and a little danger to go along with it. changes coming to the mavericks surf contest to keep spectators safe. >> the best way to beat bullying, you've got it, a little sweet georgia brown. we'll explain the connection to the globetrotters next.
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the nightmare continues for the dreamliner. flights from san jose to tokyo are canceled through next monday while federal inspectors try to solve the airline's mechanical problems. new video now shows the battery responsible for wednesday's emergency landing of the boeing 787 dreamliner. it's next to a normal battery illustrating how badly damaged
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it was. the u.s. secretary of transportation spoke about the dream liner's issues. ray lahood says the faa will not rush and the planes will not be back in the air until they are 1,000% sure they're safe to fly. the man found guilty of burglarizing steve jobs home was sentenced to seven years in prison today. 35-year-old mcfarland was arrested in august of 2012 for breaking into the late apple co-founder's house. he pled no contest to stealing computers, ipad, jewelry, wallet and driver's license and other personal items. the former san jose football player pled no contest to four other bay area burglaries. in addition to his prison sentence, he's been ordered to pay restitution. it turns out some of the best basketball handlers also know how to handle a bully. this morning, always puts a smile on your face, the harlem globetrotters visited students.
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they taught them a few tricks of the game and the abc's of bullying. abc's as in action, briavery an compassion. they believe bullying can be prevented in schools and communities. the globetrotters, go check them out. they'll be playing tomorrow at the oracle arena and then on sunday at the hp pavilion. rolling out the red carpet for the nation's biggest party. there's a new plan in the works in congress that could cut the celebration short. and as the president enters his second term, will he be able to find a way to stop the gridlock in washington? our exclusive interview with a man who not only knows washington. plus, how much did he really know? the college football player at the center of a national hoax gets a request can from his school. you know what? why don't you go get some frozen yogurt. i got this. you're so sweet. you got this, right? i do got this. let us get everything off the shelf, and to your home.
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sofa... desk... you know what? why don't you go get some frozen yogurt. i got this. you're so sweet. you got this, right? i do got this. let us get everything off the shelf, and to your home. i, barack hussein obama do
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solemnly swear, that i will execute the office of president to the united states faithfully. >> that i will execute -- >> faithfully the office of president of the united states. >> the office of president of the united states safely. >> and will to the best of my ability -- >> it was a moment for the history books. president obama gets set to take his second oath of office. there is a national day of service. a private and a public swearing in followed by a parade and inauguration ball. as steve handelsman tells us there's a more serious undertone for this inauguration. >> reporter: washington is almost ready. massive security, barriers going into place, bleachers along pennsylvania avenue for monday's inaugural parade. and the presidential viewing stand bulletproof rebuilt every four years. but since a huge crowd full of hope saw the first obama
6:27 pm
swearing in, america has lowered its expectation. only 35% in the nbc news/"wall street journal" poll says the country is heading in the right direction. and president obama's new portrait, his approval stands at 62%. his likability at 61%. but only 29% say he's working effectively with congress. and today there's more 0 conflict. responding to the president's declaration that he won't negotiate over the debt ceiling, republicans backed down. they raised the borrowing limit but just for three months. and if democrats don't agree to a budget to spending cuts by april, they cut off lawmakers' paychecks. >> why should the american public pay elected officials if they don't do the fundamental job to pass the budget. >> reporter: since richard nixon resigned, second terms have had negative starts. >> it's been a long time since
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we've seen an effective second term. >> reporter: the bush 43 second term plagued by iraq and katarina and scandal and impeachment. the new obama term starts with a budget confrontation. i'm steve handlesman, nbc bay area news. and we will have coverage throughout inauguration weekend. larry gerston will have live reports as president obama begins his second term. many people believe the political climate continues to get worse. how much should president obama be blamed? one of the most accomplished washington insiders is speaking out about mr. obama. we sit down with the former secretary of labor robert reich. he also talks about dating hillary clinton. he's a colorful man. tonight the interview with uc berkeley professor robert reich. though he stands just 4'10"
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robert reich is a giant. from the beltway to berkeley. >> my first whiff of berkeley was this mixture of eucalyptus/marijuana/tear gas. i thought, i've arrived. >> arrived in 1968 as a grad student and, since then, reich has not just seen the world but has helped shape it. >> trickle-down economics is bunk. it always was. >> the left leaning reich has worked for several presidents. his relationship with mr. clinton is dynamic thanks in part to mrs. clinton. >> i knew bill clinton when he was 22. both of us were rhodes scholars together. we were assigned to the same college at oxford, became good friends. and even before that, when i was an undergraduate, i knew hillary. she was an undergraduate. >> did you go out on a date with hillary clinton? is that the buzz? >> i think i did. >> does bill know? >> yeah. she was president of her freshman class and i was president of my sophomore class
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at dartmouth. and the only way i could think was to suggest a presidential summit. >> his summits nowadays are on the cal campus though he's still a wanted man in washington. the 66-year-old reich is old enough to know how our economic system is flawed yet young enough to still want to fix it. are you fed up with what's going on on capitol hill or is it something you say, you know what, i've been dealing with this for decades? >> it's worse than it has been in living memory. there's more partisanship, more gridlock. >> president obama has done some great things. he hasn't brought the two sides together. he can point fingers at republicans, but what does he lack in not delivering cohesiveness? >> i think the president has done almost as well as he could. it's a miracle that he got obama care through this congress.
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with the partisanship and the gridlock in this congress to get something like that done -- >> he couldn't be doing more, though? >> you could, what, do more to try to socialize with members of the opposite party, but i feel -- in kt iffact i've been there -- i go to washington too often. and there is no longer any kind of trust between the parties. there is a lot 0 of distrust and it's not easy for a president to just snap his fingers and say, okay, everybody is going to be nice to each other. the republicans have said almost nothing but no. >> what's the biggest misconception about our economy? >> is that the did he haeficit biggest problem we face. the deficit is not the biggest problem we face. the biggest problem we face is jobs. and wages. >> for decades we've been told
6:32 pm
don't tax the upper class because the less tax they have, the better it is for the middle class. true or false? >> false. the idea of the job creators belies -- the truth about the economy is the vast middle class, everybody is aspiring to join the middle class, they are the job creators because their spending creates jobs. >> we've been sold on this for years. >> i don't know why they've been sold on this. trickle-down economics, the idea if you give more tax breaks to people at the top and companies at the top, you're going to create jobs, has been proven over and over again to be false. >> some amazing insight. what's next for robert reich? he says if the president asks, he would go back to washington. as for now he loves teaching at cal and just released his latest book called "beyond outraged. "you can find the segment on interview.
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new details in the hostage standoff in algeria. the u.s. confirms one american worker at the natural gas complex is dead. the plant is located in northern africa in the sahara desert about 800 miles south of the algerian capital. the american killed has been identified as frederick utakio of texas. the state department isn't saying how he died. sources tell nbc news two other u.s. workers have escaped and two more are being held by terrorists still. militants first stormed the gas plant on wednesday and then the algerian military tried to launch a rescue but it took a deadly turn. leon pa nnetta issued a warning for the militants. >> terrorists should be on notice that they will find no sanctuary, no refuge, not in algeria, not in north africa,
6:34 pm
not anywhere. >> algerian state news reports 100 of the 132 hostages have been freed. it's not clear how many are still held captive. >> this story grips millions of people. was it really a hoax, notre dame's athletic director says the university wants manti te'o to 0 speak out publicly. they don't know how he was duped but thinks it's important how he was tricked into that online relationship with a fictitious stanford student. investigators say they've turned up evidence that support's te'o's claims he was not involved in the hoax. the athletic director says he understands the public's doubts but will continue to believe the young player until there's compelling evidence to the contrary. oprah winfrey wasting no time getting lance armstrong's confession in an interview that aired last night. >> view the situation as one big
6:35 pm
l lie. that i repeated a lot of times. >> it made a big impact on the ceo of live strong, the cancer awareness foundation co-founded by armstrong. a longtime friend of armstrong, he helped found it in 1997. he believed armstrong's doping denials until the anti-doping agency released its case report in october. he says the interview was very hard to watch. he's also hopeful. >> i have to watch it through the prism of the work of the foundation and through the resilience i've come to know from millions of cancer survivors. and at a certain level there was a little sense of relief because our organization today can finally move beyond this topic and this issue. >> he added while he knows there are challenges ahead, the mission is too important not to overcome the scandal. still ahead here at 6:00, naked no longer. coming up, the tsa makes the call on those innovative body
6:36 pm
scanners at your local airports. good evening. i'm jeff ranieri in the nbc bay area weather center. the weekend is just upon us and the weather continues to look great for saturday. here is a sneak peek. plenty of sunshine and upper 60s. thinking about mavericks this weekend, also sun and warming temperatures for sunday. your full weekend forecast and the next chance of rain coming up in a few minutes.
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those controversial body scanners that show a naked image of travelers will be removed from airports across the country. congressman da mandated they be changed or removed. the tsa has confirmed that it's getting rid of the machines
6:39 pm
because the company that makes them couldn't come up with a fix. travelers will still be asked to get a body scan that creates a generic image. sfo never installed the machines. oakland has five scanners and eight are in operation in san jose. all the scanners in oakland and san jose will be removed before the deadline in june. the older you get, the harder to multitask. new information shows older adults need more blood in their brain doing both mental and physical work. researchers say that means older brains need to work harder to multitask. researchers in japan monitored brain blood flow in young and older adults, they are planning more studies to see if training exercises that combine both mental and physical activities can help keep the brain younger. >> i get accused of not being able to multitask. >> i thought it was a female/male thing. >> you couldn't do this job if you weren't a multitasker. the yob is that much harder, guys. >> that's a beautiful shot.
6:40 pm
>> the good news when it comes to the weather and the sky camera shot. we'll let you know who will hit 70 degrees coming up. jeff, i like the sound of that. in sports, 49ers finished their final preparations to the nfc championship game. plus, bust er posey, hunter pene and gregor blanco are staying put in san francisco. we'll tell you at what cost next. whatever you're in the mood for, sizzler's endless salad bar has over 50 delicious choices. soups, salads, appetizers, and more starting at $8.99 for lunch. sizzler. where fresh is fun.
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reloading for a repeat a big topic for giants fans and the free agency, a return of favorite pagan and scutaro. >> these are things we are discussing but whether it's somebody help us in the bull pen or on the bench. >> re-signing jeremy affeldt and bringing back torres to the team all important developments. >> if you look around the field, we're pretty well set with the starters, with posey and bell and crawford and pablo and of course pagan now and pence. blanco is going to be on the club.
6:43 pm
right now he's getting most of the time in left field. we're still trying to fill in some pieces and continue to get better. >> and you can't forget it leads up to pitchers and catchers. on the home of the giants, nbc bay area, i'm laurence scott. we want to let you know about some breaking news in san francisco. and it's impacting the evening commute. police say a woman was hit and killed by two cars at howard and seventh street in the city. it happened around 5:45. police say it was not a hit-and-run. there are street closures in the area as police investigate this accident. we'll continue to bring you the latest information as we get it. well, check the local airports tonight. a lot of big surfboards will be in baggage claims. the best big wave surfers are coming to town. >> it's all about mavericks, right? but is it safe for the fans? here is joe rosato jr.
6:44 pm
>> reporter: a couple of days before the big waves and big wave riders showed up at the legendary mavericks surf spot, bruce hit the water. but on this day mckinney was here to paddle board with no interest in big waves. >> i've ridden in waves half as tall as me, a head and a half, and it's a pretty big rush coming down the face of that wave. i can't even imagine riding one of those monsters out there. >> reporter: when the mavericks contest was held in 2010 he got a glimpse of one of those beasts up close. he watched as a rogue wave slammed visitors watching from the beach. the warnings of high tides and large waves all along the bay area coastline this weekend, he offers his advice. >> you don't turn your back on the ocean. you don't turn your back on the ladder. common sense. >> reporter: the kind of waves that draw warnings are the kind that draw surfers. what the mavericks contest calls for, 24 elite surfers were
6:45 pm
descending on the small community of princeton by the sea. >> this is one of the most exciting big waves in the world. the heaviness of it, stands up to any big wave in the world. >> reporter: officials will close the beach and hilltop viewing areas. instead visitors will be able it to watch the contest on big screen tvs in a viewing area. >> the last event in 2010 had over 40,000 people show up. and we're anticipating even bigger because of the mavericks movie that came out. >> law enforcement including the coast guard, will be out in force making sure private boaters don't get into trouble. >> what we're hoping not to see is a lot of kayaks, paddle boards, or vessels that are unprepared for being out there in the surf. >> reporter: instead what they will see are some of the world's greatest surfers riding some of the greatest waves. don't like fo mckinney.
6:46 pm
>> i'll be home watching the game. >> reporter: joe row sea at tsa. it will be beautiful. >> it's beautiful right now. some awesome weather as we head into saturday and sunday. we're tracking the storm right now. it ises going to be producing those maverick waves. at the current moment that storm is 1,000 males away and it is building waves out ahead of the storm up to ten feet, only three to five feet off the california coastline but gradually we'll see the swells starting to interact with the reef off the california coastline and talking about waves that could be as high as 30 to 35 feet by this upcoming weekend. let's get you across the bay area. a lot of sunshine, cloud cover. it's all about this huge temperature jump in walnut creek from 28 this morning to 67 by 2:03 this afternoon. that is 39 degree temperature j jump. even more swings as we head into the upcoming weekend. let's take you outside of that live hd sky camera network and
6:47 pm
here is emeryville looking incredible tonight from oakland back into san francisco. the east bay is not very cloudy out here. we did have the haze throughout the evening hours. and that's going to stay with us through tomorrow with the poor air quality. on the weather boards high pressure sitting in just about the same spot it was yesterday but here is the key difference. it moves slightly off to the north and a little bit more over the western coastline and that's going to give us not only a little bit more of a warm-up as we head throughout saturday but also for sunday. we'll get some sunny skies in here. a little bit of that haze with that poor air quality and even potentially a few 70s. the best spot may seem like the oddest spot to get some of the warm weather, at least here for the bay area, the coastline. santa cruz 71 degrees. that slight offshore wind and temperatures will be a little bit above average as we head throughout the first part of your weekend. the last time santa cruz hit 70s was on september the 10th so it's been over a month since
6:48 pm
it's been this warm. 33 in napa. patchy frost and patchy fog up for the north bay. cold in the east bay. 37 in san jose and also 46 in los gatos. for saturday, once again, plenty of sunshine. if you're just tuning in right now an incredible weekend across the bay area, 65 in santa rosa. 67 in san francisco. also close to 70 in san jose. 0 in santa cruz. sunny saturday, sunday and also on monday with a dangerous waves from boaters and swimmers but just what those surfers want out at mavericks. some clouds build and even areas of patchy fog as well. a chance of showers as we head through friday. right now i'm having a hard time
6:49 pm
focusing. it's like saturday is around the corner and it couldn't have felt better today and it will get better tomorrow. >> can't wait. thank you, jeff. >> a three day weekend. to sports. anything going on in the sports world? >> i don't know. there's a game on sunday, right? >> there's just nothing going on. let's get right to it. i know everyone has that 49ers football fever and rightly so, but we have some baseball news to report. the world series champion giants were very busy today off the diamond. four giants have reached one-year agreements with the organization including nationally most valuable player bust buster posey. he will earn $8 million next year. hunter pence, gregor blanco and jose also agreed to deals and will return in 2013. pence's deal is worth $13.8
6:50 pm
million. the giants have taken their world series trophy back east along with a number of members of the organization and today they received a tour of yogi berra's museum at montclair. buster posey met yogi and there was a q&a with local schoolchildren. kids are charming. listen up. >> how does it feel like having your own museum? >> yogi, how does it feel having your own museum? >> it feels pretty good. >> yes? >> this is for buster. how does it feel like to go on a team like the giants and win the world series and then be named the national league mvp? >> i'm going to say what mr. berra said, it feels pretty good. >> well played, my man. well played. just two days away from the nfc championship game. the 49ers will take on the falcons in atlanta.
6:51 pm
the scoop from santa clara on san francisco's final preparations. >> reporter: the 49ers loaded the team buses, and if they were hitting the road for a regular season game. >> we're taking the same approach. we've been here before. we know how it feels to not come away with a "w," so we're doing everything we can to make sure we're prepared at this point and to take advantage of all instances in the game and make sure we don't leave anything out there on the tabling. >> for me it's just another game. we've been here, feel it's home for us. nothing new for us, media attention, the fans, a lot of peop people. that shouldn't be anything new to us. >> reporter: the players say their level emotions are not only because of the experience having gone through the nfc championship game last season but because of the quality of work they put in practices this week. >> just very focused. just everybody is very excited and locked in. that's what set us up for last week. we had a great week of practice. this one i didn't think we would be able to outdo last week's
6:52 pm
practice but we did. >> i think everybody is concentrating well and into it. just trying to take a step toward getting a win. >> the wednesday on thursday practices were outstanding and a very good tempo. and a couple extra ones today. there were a few times where defensive players asked to have the play repeated because they want wanted to get it right and i thought that was good taking ownership on their part. >> reporter: the coaches have more work to do on the flight back east but have also done a little bit of work to the roster. kicker billy cundiff they signed at the beginning of the playoff has been released. in santa clara, nbc bay area. and then there's sunday's other football game. jim's brother john harbaugh and his ravens will take on the patriots in the patriots game whamt would it be like to coach against his brother in a super bowl? we asked john just that in an
6:53 pm
exclusive interview. >> if they win and we win, it'll be a great thing. it'll be about the teams first and foremost and all that kind of stuff. it will be something that for a second take a look at and say, yeah, it's pretty neat and then get ready to play a tough football game against a tough football team. >> man, what a storyline that would be. that will do it for sports, guys. i am just now waiting for janelle. >> last friday we were here on this newscast and she predicted the 49ers would with beat the packers by 14 points. jim and i were like, are you crazy? >> everybody said that. >> and they won by 14. she is like e.f. hutton. >> they're going to be tired because they're away and the falcons have a fierce offense. but i think the niners -- oh, drum roll, the niners are going to win by four. >> four against atlanta. by four.
6:54 pm
i actual ly have the exact scor. i'm not going to say what the exact score is -- >> i will. >> i'm showing it to raj rate now. and i'm going to show it on monday if it's true. >> all right, go for it. i'll wait until monday. [ crickets chirping ]
6:55 pm
[ traffic passing ] ♪ [ music box: lullaby ] [ man on tv, indistinct ] ♪ [ lullaby continues ] [ baby coos ] [ man announcing ] millions are still exposed to the dangers... of secondhand smoke... and some of them can't do anything about it. ♪ [ continues ] [ gasping ]
6:56 pm
are we ready for the weekend? >> we are ready. >> niners with by four. >> that's my prediction. >> enjoy it. have a great weekend.
6:57 pm
6:58 pm
[captioning made possible by warner bros. domestic television distribution] >> hey, i'm mario lopez in park city, utah, and this is "extra" from the sundance film festival. "extra, extra."
6:59 pm
damagee armstrong's control disaster. his bombshell oprah confessional backfires. >> did not even feel wrong? >> scary. >> did he do it to save face or $100 million? then, liar, liar, lance on fire? >> i'm not the most believable guy in the world right now. >> two of america's top lie detectors breaking down his secret signals. >> look at his mouth. >> all new video. >> tom cruise's beverly hills mansion swarmed by heavily armed police. what they found inside. >> then, our raw and revealing one-on-one with the sundance kid himself, robert redford. his message to president obama and breaking news about a streisand reunion? >> first of all, i love barbra. >> now trending, hot headlines. >> mel gibson, the father to jodie foster's kids? >> and did the alleged manti te'o hoaxer pull a giant scam on "the voice"? >> nip-tucks, nose jobs and


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